About Us


Acorn Clearprint started out in the mid 1980’s under the name Acorn Maltone.

In 2012 acorn maltone merged with Preston base printing company clearprint labels. This merge brought additional label presses to Tuxford, giving increased capacity and further flexibility. With the merge there also came a new name, Acorn Clearprint Ltd., which incorporates elements of both company names to embody ‘continuity’ rather than ‘new start’, which now gives you Acorn Clearprint Ltd.

The team at Acorn Clearprint have over 30 years’ experience and during that time we have had the pleasure of producing labels for a wide range of companies covering a huge range of industry sectors, including some very well-known corporate brands….

There has been a continued move to improve all areas of the company and in 2004 we achieved BRC Global Standard – Packaging and other Packaging Material which we have retained every year since then. However in February 2022 we moved our accreditation to ISO 9001 whilst still working at very high standards we felt this accreditation worked for the company better.

To give you extra confidence, our in house studio manager who would be your first point of contact has worked for the company since 1993. His dedication gives you a fantastic wealth of knowledge dealing with your new artwork and the technical requirements for your labels to deliver great results on you products.

Not only do we have our own in house studio with the latest software to design and get your labels to press we also have our own in house plate making facilities. Suddenly need an amendment, a customer is shouting for a new label, not a problem hot of the plate maker and ready for press.


ISO 9001 Accredited


At Acorn Clearprint we acknowledge that, in the modern era, simply having a press and competitive pricing is not enough to satisfy buyers from all industries.

Within areas such as food packaging and pharmaceuticals there is an understandable demand on manufacturers to provide evidence of quality control and traceability of raw ingredients.

With this becoming an ever increasing requirement we attained the food hygiene certification within the packaging sector in 2004 and have consistently achieved the highest standards required to retain the certification.

Although we are now ISO 9001 accredited the high standards of BRC are still maintained through our processes